We design and deliver IT services to end-users in complex, mission-driven, secure environments. Kemtah supports researchers, engineers, and scientists by managing sophisticated infrastructure environments such as secure networks, data centers, and high performance computing. We also maintain multi-faceted engineering, manufacturing, and operations applications. 

Kemtah offers a specialized portfolio of capabilities and technologies that enable us to deliver innovative IT systems and solutions for government agencies. Kemtah provides creative technical expertise and solutions that focus on meeting each agency’s needs.

Kemtah, an IT outsourcing specialist, delivers IT infrastructure and support that transforms the way clients perform IT. Kemtah offers the flexibility of a small company, and the expertise of a large company in helping our science/engineering clients to solve IT challenges by innovatively applying tools and knowledge.

The Kemtah Story

Bound together by our diverse talent and uncompromising values, we at Kemtah choose to work in environments that count – environments that are complex and critical, that dramatically affect our lives. We choose to be in places that matter – where lives are being saved, where solutions impacting our nation’s security are developed, where next-generation energy strategy is emerging, and where space exploration is still the next frontier. We believe these places require a special approach to IT service delivery and transformation – one that integrates mission focus, domain knowledge, cultural understanding, and expertise in legacy and state-of-the-art technology. It is a symbiotic relationship: our clients’ missions vitalize our performance, and inspire us all to innovate together. 

Why We Do What We Do

We believe technology has become more complex and more prevalent. We believe this phenomenon has created a gap between the users of technology and the providers of technology and its services. To close that gap, we believe IT departments must transform the way they deliver and support technology. We believe technology can be cost efficient, reliable, and useful to the people who need these tools to heal their patients, validate their research, or protect our country. We believe we are the best company at understanding how to humanize technology, and we hire people who live this belief. 

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